Rankings – GDP of Europe


GDP is the Gross Domestic Product. It corresponds to the total value of domestic production of goods and services in a given country in a given year by residents within the national territory.

A distinction is made between nominal GDP (gross figures) and GDP-PPP (purchasing power parity), which compares countries according to a basket of standard goods, giving a better idea of the the wealth of countries by erasing exchange rates.
In this list, for the moment incomplete, nominal GDP is denominated in billions of USD$.

RankCountryContinentSubcontinentGDP (Billion $USD)
130AlbaniaEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)15.059
183AndorraEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)3.237
29AustriaEuropeEuropean Union455.737
175AzoresEuropeEuropean Union4.220
81Belarus (Byelorussia)EuropeEurope (outside the European Union)59.662
25BelgiumEuropeEuropean Union531.767
117Bosnia and HerzegovinaEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)19.782
76BulgariaEuropeEuropean Union65.133
153Channel Islands – Jersey and GuernseyEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)9.310
80CroatiaEuropeEuropean Union60.806
114CyprusEuropeEuropean Union24.470
41CzechiaEuropeEuropean Union281.778
39DenmarkEuropeEuropean Union351.300
104EstoniaEuropeEuropean Union30.285
189Faroe IslandsEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)2.689
42FinlandEuropeEuropean Union275.683
6FranceEuropeEuropean Union2,779.092
4GermanyEuropeEuropean Union3,846.414
190GibraltarEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)2.827
53GreeceEuropeEuropean Union218.032
58HungaryEuropeEuropean Union155.703
110IcelandEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)25.878
34IrelandEuropeEuropean Union375.903
161Isle of ManEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)6.593
9ItalyEuropeEuropean Union2,099.880
156KosovoEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)7.926
95LatviaEuropeEuropean Union41.154
166LiechtensteinEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)6.215
86LithuaniaEuropeEuropean Union53.251
74LuxembourgEuropeEuropean Union71.105
131MaltaEuropeEuropean Union14.542
137MoldovaEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)13.679
167MonacoEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)6.401
174MontenegroEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)5.452
17NetherlandsEuropeEuropean Union907.051
144North MacedoniaEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)12.672
32NorwayEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)434.751
23PolandEuropeEuropean Union585.783
50PortugalEuropeEuropean Union237.979
49RomaniaEuropeEuropean Union239.553
11RussiaEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)1,699.877
205San MarinoEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)1.633
87SerbiaEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)50.508
65SlovakiaEuropeEuropean Union106.472
78SloveniaEuropeEuropean Union61.526
13SpainEuropeEuropean Union1,417.800
24SwedenEuropeEuropean Union537.610
20SwitzerlandEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)705.501
221TransnistriaEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)1.000
59UkraineEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)155.499
5United KingdomEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)3,186.860
245Vatican CityEuropeEurope (outside the European Union)0.315