Which trading app should I use if I am a beginner ?


In recent years, we witness many trading apps and stock apps releases in the currents Appstore. The pandemic and the economic downturn have reinforced the phenomenon. In fact, more and more people are interested in easy ways to make money such as trading. And the fact that these platforms are available on mobile devices encourages this practice. Since their high number, choosing the best app is not easy. In this article, we tell you how to choose your trading app if you are a beginner.

Choose an interactive platform with educational resources

The best way to start trading is to choose an app that promotes interaction and which is intuitive. Among the online broker that meets these criteria, there is eToro. eToro is one of the best brokers for beginners. Since 2007, this broker has made trading more accessible to the general public. Moreover, the services of this broker are available on mobile devices for a while, which makes trading even more accessible to the general public. 

eToro is also known to be the social trading and copy trading leader. That’s mean that it is one of the best App if you want to try trading. For more information, you can read this eToro review in order to learn more about that App.  

The advantage of choosing a broker with educational content is the opportunity to learn while using the platform. This is a practical way to learn about this difficult activity which is trading.

Choose a regulated and famous broker App

If you are having trouble choosing your trading app, there are two criteria you can trust. It is about the regulation and popularity of the application. 

Regulation is important insofar as a control body certifies the reliability of the broker you have chosen. Moreover, there are several regulatory entities such as the AMF or the ACP to certify the reliability of a broker. When a broker is not regulated, it is difficult to know if the services offered are a scam or not. So, to be sure to trade with peace of mind, always choose a platform that is regulated.

Choosing a trading app based on its popularity is also a convenient way to make your choice. On app download sites, user reviews and ratings are of great importance. They can help you choose the best mobile program for trading. 

Choose a trading app with a lot of assets

The number of assets is also a very important criterion when choosing a trading app. Also, it determines the trading app performance. If it only has a very small number of assets, you will be very limited in terms of possibilities. And over time you are going to feel very restricted.

A good trading app offers at least the user the opportunity to invest and to trade on currencies, indices and commodities. You will also find excellent online brokers who will allow you to invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds or even ETFs.

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