Population44,720,264 inhabitants
Area8,508,503 km²
Density5.26 inhabitants / km²
Number of countries and territories25
Number of Time zone12
Life expectancy75.50 years
Birth rate16.40 ‰
Death rate7.50 ‰
Infant mortality rate25.00 ‰
Number of languages spoken1,302
GDP1,706 billions USD$ (2017)
GDP/capita38,149 USD$ (2017)
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Countries and territoriesPopulation
Australia25,765,131 inhabitants
Fiji890,196 inhabitants
Guam179,606 inhabitants
Cook17,328 inhabitants
Northern Mariana Islands51,807 inhabitants
Solomon Islands667,044 inhabitants
Palau17,820 inhabitants
Papua New Guinea10,494,369 inhabitants
Pitcairn Islands50 inhabitants
French Polynesia278,509 inhabitants
Samoa199,243 inhabitants
New Zealand5,136,118 inhabitants
New Caledonia271,940 inhabitants
Norfolk Island1,778 inhabitants
Niue2,545 inhabitants
Nauru12,696 inhabitants
Micronesia103,196 inhabitants
Marshall Islands55,663 inhabitants
Kiribati114,698 inhabitants
American Samoa53,790 inhabitants
Tokelau1,556 inhabitants
Tonga98,659 inhabitants
Tuvalu9,605 inhabitants
Vanuatu285,359 inhabitants
Wallis and Futuna11,558 inhabitants
Total44,720,264 inhabitants
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