Rankings – Countries and Territories of Oceania

Here is the ranking of the countries and territories of Oceania, by size of population and in descending order, with the rank indicated. The figures are the most recent that we found on the official statistical sites of the countries.

There are currently 25 countries and territories in Oceania, of which 14 are represented at the United Nations.

222American Samoa53,790 inhab.198 km²271.67 inhab./km²
54Australia25,765,131 inhab.7,688,126 km²3.35 inhab./km²
235Cook17,328 inhab.237 km²73.11 inhab./km²
167Fiji890,196 inhab.18,274 km²48.71 inhab./km²
190French Polynesia278,509 inhab.3,792 km²73.45 inhab./km²
199Guam179,606 inhab.541 km²331.99 inhab./km²
205Kiribati114,698 inhab.726 km²157.99 inhab./km²
221Marshall Islands55,663 inhab.182 km²305.84 inhab./km²
210Micronesia103,196 inhab.725 km²142.34 inhab./km²
237Nauru12,696 inhab.21 km²596.06 inhab./km²
191New Caledonia271,940 inhab.18,576 km²14.64 inhab./km²
124New Zealand5,136,118 inhab.268,107 km²19.16 inhab./km²
246Niue2,545 inhab.261 km²9.75 inhab./km²
247Norfolk Island1,778 inhab.36 km²49.39 inhab./km²
223Northern Mariana Islands51,807 inhab.464 km²111.65 inhab./km²
234Palau17,820 inhab.416 km²42.84 inhab./km²
88Papua New Guinea10,494,369 inhab.462,840 km²22.67 inhab./km²
252Pitcairn Islands50 inhab.47 km²1.06 inhab./km²
198Samoa199,243 inhab.2,830 km²70.40 inhab./km²
171Solomon Islands667,044 inhab.28,896 km²23.08 inhab./km²
248Tokelau1,556 inhab.10 km²155.60 inhab./km²
211Tonga98,659 inhab.749 km²131.72 inhab./km²
240Tuvalu9,605 inhab.26 km²374.76 inhab./km²
189Vanuatu285,359 inhab.12,281 km²23.24 inhab./km²
238Wallis and Futuna11,558 inhab.142 km²81.39 inhab./km²