Rankings – Countries and Territories of the Americas

Here is the ranking of the countries and territories of the Americas, by size of population and in descending order, with the rank indicated. The figures are the most recent that we found on the official statistical sites of the countries.

There are currently 56 countries and territories in the Americas, of which 35 are represented at the United Nations.

236Anguilla15,174 inhab.91 km²166.75 inhab./km²
209Antigua and Barbuda104,084 inhab.277 km²375.75 inhab./km²
31Argentina47,067,641 inhab.2,780,400 km²16.93 inhab./km²
206Aruba111,673 inhab.180 km²620.41 inhab./km²
182Bahamas399,421 inhab.13,962 km²28.61 inhab./km²
192Barbados270,135 inhab.431 km²626.76 inhab./km²
183Belize398,050 inhab.22,966 km²17.33 inhab./km²
217Bermuda61,592 inhab.53 km²1,162.11 inhab./km²
82Bolivia11,633,371 inhab.1,098,581 km²10.59 inhab./km²
7Brazil207,750,291 inhab.8,510,346 km²24.41 inhab./km²
232British Virgin Islands32,944 inhab.151 km²218.17 inhab./km²
36Canada40,206,439 inhab.9,984,670 km²4.03 inhab./km²
233Caribbean Netherlands24,548 inhab.322 km²76.24 inhab./km²
216Cayman Islands64,420 inhab.267 km²241.27 inhab./km²
63Chile19,828,563 inhab.756,950 km²26.20 inhab./km²
28Colombia51,609,474 inhab.1,141,748 km²45.20 inhab./km²
126Costa Rica5,003,402 inhab.51,100 km²97.91 inhab./km²
85Cuba11,280,651 inhab.109,884 km²102.66 inhab./km²
202Curaçao160,012 inhab.444 km²360.39 inhab./km²
215Dominica74,679 inhab.754 km²99.04 inhab./km²
92Dominican Republic10,266,149 inhab.48,311 km²212.50 inhab./km²
69Ecuador17,535,376 inhab.256,370 km²68.40 inhab./km²
110El Salvador6,641,842 inhab.21,041 km²315.66 inhab./km²
245Falkland Islands3,617 inhab.12,173 km²0.30 inhab./km²
187French Guiana294,071 inhab.83,846 km²3.51 inhab./km²
219Greenland56,421 inhab.2,166,086 km²0.03 inhab./km²
204Grenada115,465 inhab.349 km²330.85 inhab./km²
184Guadeloupe375,857 inhab.1,628 km²230.87 inhab./km²
68Guatemala18,065,725 inhab.108,930 km²165.85 inhab./km²
170Guyana781,892 inhab.214,970 km²3.64 inhab./km²
80Haiti11,946,331 inhab.27,065 km²441.39 inhab./km²
97Honduras9,509,522 inhab.111,275 km²85.46 inhab./km²
145Jamaica2,728,864 inhab.10,991 km²248.28 inhab./km²
185Martinique355,094 inhab.1,128 km²314.80 inhab./km²
10Mexico129,100,565 inhab.1,964,375 km²65.72 inhab./km²
243Montserrat5,343 inhab.103 km²51.87 inhab./km²
196Netherlands Antilles230,304 inhab.960 km²239.90 inhab./km²
114Nicaragua6,460,229 inhab.130,376 km²49.55 inhab./km²
132Panama4,160,016 inhab.74,177 km²56.08 inhab./km²
107Paraguay7,054,473 inhab.406,752 km²17.34 inhab./km²
43Peru33,899,804 inhab.1,285,216 km²26.38 inhab./km²
139Puerto Rico3,193,694 inhab.9,104 km²350.80 inhab./km²
239Saint Barthélemy9,793 inhab.21 km²466.33 inhab./km²
220Saint Kitts and Nevis56,345 inhab.272 km²207.15 inhab./km²
200Saint Lucia178,696 inhab.603 km²296.34 inhab./km²
230Saint Martin (France)35,746 inhab.53 km²674.45 inhab./km²
241Saint Pierre and Miquelon6,008 inhab.242 km²24.83 inhab./km²
207Saint Vincent and the Grenadines110,784 inhab.384 km²288.50 inhab./km²
226Sint Maarten (Netherlands)42,878 inhab.34 km²1,261.12 inhab./km²
176Suriname598,190 inhab.163,821 km²3.65 inhab./km²
160Trinidad and Tobago1,359,193 inhab.5,155 km²263.66 inhab./km²
225Turks and Caicos43,013 inhab.948 km²45.37 inhab./km²
3United States333,102,025 inhab.9,629,047 km²34.59 inhab./km²
208United States Virgin Islands108,298 inhab.348 km²311.20 inhab./km²
136Uruguay3,530,912 inhab.175,016 km²20.17 inhab./km²
47Venezuela31,828,110 inhab.916,445 km²34.73 inhab./km²