Papua New Guinea

Official nameIndependent State of Papua New Guinea
Name in local languageIndependent State of Papua New Guinea (en) ; Independen Stet bilong Papua Niugini (tpi)
Population (ranking: 88e)10,494,369 inhabitants (2023)
Population growth3.10 % / year
Area462,840 km²
Density22.67 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 106e)26.594 billions $USD (2021)
GDP/capita (ranking)2,916 $USD (2021)
GDP growth1.50 % / year (2021)
Life expectancy (ranking)65.35 years (2021)
Birth rate25.50 ‰ (2021)
Fertility rate3.22 children / woman (2021)
Death rate (ranking)6.70 ‰ (2021)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)33.90 ‰ (2021)
Literacy rate66.68 % (2015)
Official languagesEnglish, Hiri Motu, Tok Pisin
CurrencyPapua New Guinean kina (PGK)
HDI (ranking: 191e)0.558 / 1 (2021)
EPI (ranking)39.35 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of StateKing Charles III ; Governor General Bob Dadae
National Day16 September (independence of 1975)
DemonymPapua New Guinean
Tourists (ranking)143,000 people (2017)
Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée – petite
Papuan people are in danger

Papua New Guinea is a country located in Oceania that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea (the other half, western New Guinea, under Indonesian sovereignty). It is located west of Oceania, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, north of Australia (of which it has been a dependency), and west of the Solomon Islands.

Port Moresby, capitale de la Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée
Port Moresby, capitale of Papua New Guinea. Photo: Hitchster
Village sur pilotis, Port Moresby, Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée
Village on stilts, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Photo: Wikipedia
Forêts en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée
Forest in Papua New Guinea
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Urban areas (2017)
Urban areasPopulation
Port Moresby442,438 inhabitants
Lae99,787 inhabitants
Tari46,087 inhabitants
Madang42,206 inhabitants
Mont Hagen39,660 inhabitants
Kokopo Vunamami39,521 inhabitants
Popondetta35,375 inhabitants
Rabaul16,368 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Provinces, RegionsPopulationArea
Baie Milne276,512 inhabitants14,345 km²
Bougainville (Région autonome)249,358 inhabitants9,384 km²
Capitale nationale (District)364,125 inhabitants240 km²
Centrale269,756 inhabitants29,998 km²
Enga432,045 inhabitants11,704 km²
Golfe158,197 inhabitants34,472 km²
Hautes-Terres (Région)2,854,874 inhabitants62,400 km²
Hautes-Terres méridionales510,245 inhabitants15,089 km²
Hautes-Terres occidentales362,850 inhabitants4,299 km²
Hautes-Terres orientales579,825 inhabitants11,157 km²
Hela249,449 inhabitants10,498 km²
Îles (Région)1,096,543 inhabitants57,500 km²
Jiwaka343,987 inhabitants4,798 km²
Madang493,906 inhabitants28,886 km²
Manus60,485 inhabitants2,100 km²
Momase (Région)1,867,657 inhabitants142,600 km²
Morobe674,810 inhabitants33,705 km²
Nord186,309 inhabitants22,735 km²
Nouvelle-Bretagne occidentale264,264 inhabitants20,387 km²
Nouvelle-Bretagne orientale328,369 inhabitants15,816 km²
Nouvelle-Irlande194,067 inhabitants9,557 km²
Ouest201,351 inhabitants98,189 km²
Papouasie (Région)1,456,250 inhabitants200,340 km²
Sepik occidental (Sandaun)248,411 inhabitants35,820 km²
Sepik oriental450,530 inhabitants43,426 km²
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