Rankings – Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is currently 71.4 years on average worldwide (2015).
Life expectancy is the average lifespan that can be expected at any given time for a given country. Life expectancy at birth is calculated on the basis of the age-specific mortality quotients, ie the probability of dying in the year for persons reaching a given age.
In almost all countries, the life expectancy of women is higher than that of men. Wars, natural disasters and epidemics make it diminish, while the progress of medicine and the standard of living (hygiene, vaccines, food …) tend to lengthen it.
Source: Wikipedia

AfghanistanAsia64.50 years
AlbaniaEurope78.55 years
AlgeriaAfrica77.80 years
American SamoaOceania75.40 years
AndorraEurope89.14 years
AngolaAfrica60.80 years
AnguillaAmericas80.65 years
Antigua and BarbudaAmericas76.90 years
ArgentinaAmericas78.07 years
ArmeniaAsia74.90 years
Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)Asia75.20 years
ArubaAmericas76.91 years
AustraliaOceania83.30 years
AustriaEurope81.40 years
AzerbaijanAsia72.90 years
AzoresEurope77.45 years
BahamasAmericas73.80 years
BahrainAsia77.20 years
BangladeshAsia72.30 years
BarbadosAmericas79.20 years
Belarus (Byelorussia)Europe74.60 years
BelgiumEurope81.50 years
BelizeAmericas74.50 years
BeninAfrica61.50 years
BermudaAmericas81.88 years
BhutanAsia71.50 years
BoliviaAmericas71.20 years
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEurope77.30 years
BotswanaAfrica69.30 years
BrazilAmericas76.97 years
British Virgin IslandsAmericas77.37 years
BruneiAsia75.70 years
BulgariaEurope74.90 years
Burkina FasoAfrica61.20 years
BurundiAfrica61.20 years
CambodiaAsia69.60 years
CameroonAfrica58.90 years
CanadaAmericas82.40 years
Canary IslandsAfrica82.71 years
Cape VerdeAfrica76.20 years
Cayman IslandsAmericas81.53 years
Central African RepublicAfrica52.80 years
ChadAfrica54.00 years
Channel Islands – Jersey and GuernseyEurope82.60 years
ChileAmericas80.40 years
ChinaAsia76.70 years
ColombiaAmericas77.10 years
ComorosAfrica64.10 years
CongoAfrica64.30 years
CookOceania73.60 years
Costa RicaAmericas80.19 years
CroatiaEurope78.30 years
CubaAmericas78.70 years
CuraçaoAmericas78.10 years
CyprusEurope80.80 years
CzechiaEurope79.20 years
Democratic Republic of the CongoAfrica60.40 years
DenmarkEurope80.80 years
DjiboutiAfrica66.60 years
DominicaAmericas78.10 years
Dominican RepublicAmericas73.80 years
East TimorAsia69.30 years
EcuadorAmericas76.80 years
EgyptAfrica71.80 years
El SalvadorAmericas73.10 years
Equatorial GuineaAfrica58.40 years
EritreaAfrica65.90 years
EstoniaEurope78.60 years
Eswatini (Swaziland)Africa46.00 years
EthiopiaAfrica66.20 years
Falkland IslandsAmericas77.90 years
Faroe IslandsEurope82.20 years
FijiOceania67.30 years
FinlandEurope81.70 years
FranceEurope82.10 years
French GuianaAmericas79.90 years
French PolynesiaOceania75.95 years
GabonAfrica66.20 years
GambiaAfrica61.70 years
GeorgiaAsia74.10 years
GermanyEurope81.00 years
GhanaAfrica63.80 years
GibraltarEurope79.40 years
GreeceEurope82.10 years
GreenlandAmericas71.89 years
GrenadaAmericas72.40 years
GuadeloupeAmericas80.55 years
GuamOceania79.00 years
GuatemalaAmericas72.50 years
GuineaAfrica60.30 years
Guinea-BissauAfrica58.00 years
GuyanaAmericas69.80 years
HaitiAmericas63.70 years
HondurasAmericas76.64 years
Hong KongAsia84.70 years
HungaryEurope76.70 years
IcelandEurope82.90 years
IndiaAsia69.92 years
IndonesiaAsia71.50 years
IranAsia76.50 years
IraqAsia70.50 years
IrelandEurope82.10 years
Isle of ManEurope81.20 years
IsraelAsia82.80 years
ItalyEurope83.00 years
Ivory CoastAfrica57.40 years
JamaicaAmericas74.40 years
JapanAsia84.60 years
JordanAsia74.40 years
KazakhstanAsia73.18 years
KenyaAfrica66.30 years
KiribatiOceania68.10 years
KosovoEurope71.10 years
KuwaitAsia74.40 years
KyrgyzstanAsia71.70 years
LaosAsia67.60 years
LatviaEurope75.20 years
LebanonAsia78.90 years
LesothoAfrica53.70 years
LiberiaAfrica63.70 years
LibyaAfrica72.70 years
LiechtensteinEurope80.50 years
LithuaniaEurope75.70 years
LuxembourgEurope82.35 years
MacauAsia83.30 years
MadagascarAfrica66.70 years
MadeiraAfrica80.41 years
MalawiAfrica54.80 years
MalaysiaAsia76.00 years
MaldivesAsia78.60 years
MaliAfrica58.90 years
MaltaEurope82.40 years
Marshall IslandsOceania73.90 years
MartiniqueAmericas81.00 years
MauritaniaAfrica64.70 years
MauritiusAfrica74.45 years
MayotteAfrica75.00 years
MexicoAmericas75.00 years
MicronesiaOceania67.80 years
MoldovaEurope71.80 years
MonacoEurope85.00 years
MongoliaAsia69.70 years
MontenegroEurope76.80 years
MontserratAmericas74.40 years
MoroccoAfrica76.50 years
MozambiqueAfrica55.60 years
Myanmar (Burma)Asia66.90 years
NamibiaAfrica63.40 years
NauruOceania60.20 years
NepalAsia70.50 years
NetherlandsEurope82.10 years
Netherlands AntillesAmericas77.04 years
New CaledoniaOceania76.90 years
New ZealandOceania82.10 years
NicaraguaAmericas74.30 years
NigerAfrica62.00 years
NigeriaAfrica54.70 years
NiueOceania69.50 years
North KoreaAsia70.11 years
North MacedoniaEurope75.70 years
Northern Mariana IslandsOceania77.00 years
NorwayEurope83.00 years
OmanAsia77.60 years
PakistanAsia67.10 years
PalauOceania73.70 years
PalestineAsia73.90 years
PanamaAmericas78.30 years
Papua New GuineaOceania64.30 years
ParaguayAmericas74.10 years
PeruAmericas76.50 years
PhilippinesAsia71.10 years
PolandEurope78.50 years
PortugalEurope81.90 years
Puerto RicoAmericas79.38 years
PuntlandAfrica55.00 years
QatarAsia80.10 years
RéunionAfrica80.40 years
RomaniaEurope75.90 years
RussiaEurope72.40 years
RwandaAfrica68.70 years
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaAfrica79.50 years
Saint Kitts and NevisAmericas74.60 years
Saint LuciaAmericas76.10 years
Saint Martin (France)Americas76.30 years
Saint Pierre and MiquelonAmericas80.50 years
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesAmericas73.00 years
SamoaOceania73.20 years
San MarinoEurope84.65 years
São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica70.20 years
Saudi ArabiaAsia75.00 years
SenegalAfrica67.80 years
SerbiaEurope75.80 years
SeychellesAfrica73.30 years
Sierra LeoneAfrica54.30 years
SingaporeAsia83.50 years
Sint Maarten (Netherlands)Americas78.10 years
SlovakiaEurope77.40 years
SloveniaEurope81.20 years
Solomon IslandsOceania72.80 years
SomaliaAfrica56.50 years
SomalilandAfrica50.40 years
South AfricaAfrica63.90 years
South KoreaAsia83.50 years
South Ossetia-AlaniaAsia73.40 years
South SudanAfrica55.70 years
SpainEurope83.40 years
Sri LankaAsia76.80 years
SudanAfrica65.10 years
SurinameAmericas71.60 years
SwedenEurope82.70 years
SwitzerlandEurope83.60 years
SyriaAsia71.80 years
TaiwanAsia80.20 years
TajikistanAsia70.90 years
TanzaniaAfrica66.70 years
ThailandAsia76.90 years
TogoAfrica61.00 years
TokelauOceania69.00 years
TongaOceania70.80 years
Trinidad and TobagoAmericas73.40 years
TunisiaAfrica76.50 years
TurkeyAsia77.40 years
TurkmenistanAsia68.10 years
Turks and CaicosAmericas79.80 years
TuvaluOceania67.20 years
UgandaAfrica63.00 years
UkraineEurope72.00 years
United Arab EmiratesAsia77.80 years
United KingdomEurope81.20 years
United StatesAmericas78.90 years
United States Virgin IslandsAmericas79.87 years
UruguayAmericas77.80 years
UzbekistanAsia71.60 years
VanuatuOceania70.30 years
Vatican CityEurope77.50 years
VenezuelaAmericas72.10 years
VietnamAsia75.30 years
Wallis and FutunaOceania75.80 years
Western SaharaAfrica63.00 years
YemenAsia65.50 years
ZambiaAfrica63.90 years
ZimbabweAfrica58.00 years