Official nameCook Islands
Name in local languageCook Islands (en) ; Kūki 'Āirani (rar)
Population (ranking: 235e)17,328 inhabitants (2018)
Population growth-0.38 % / year
Area237 km²
Density73.11 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 227e)0.288 billions $USD (2016)
GDP/capita (ranking)24,615 $USD (2016)
GDP growth8.80 % / year (2016)
Life expectancy (ranking)73.60 years (2016)
Birth rate4.60 ‰ (2016)
Fertility rate2.40 children / woman (2016)
Death rate (ranking)1.90 ‰ (2016)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)0.00 ‰ (2017)
Literacy rate95.00 % (2013)
Official languagesEnglish, Cook Islands Māori
CurrencyNew Zealand dollar ($NZD) ; Cook Islands dollar ($)
HDI (ranking: 69e)0.829 / 1 (2008)
EPI (ranking)0.00 (2018)
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Head of StateQueen Elizabeth II ; Queen's Representative Tom Marsters
National Day4 August (Constitution Day, independence of 1965)
DemonymCook Islander
Tourists (ranking)161,362 people (2017)
Cook – petite

Cook is a state located in the South Pacific Ocean in free association with New Zealand, like Niue. It is located northeast of New Zealand, east of American Samoa and Niue, and west of French Polynesia. The country is recognized by the United Nations but not a member of it. The Cook Islands consist of two contrasting groups: the southern islands (Southern Cook Islands), mostly of volcanic origin, the main one being Rarotonga, where the capital and largest city Avarua is located, and the northern islands (Northern Cook Islands), which form six coral atolls.

Penrhyn, Cook
Penrhyn, Cook. Photo: Ewan Smith
Rarotonga, Cook
Rarotonga, Cook. Photo: Mr Bullitt
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Urban areas (2016)
Urban areasPopulation
Avarua13,044 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Aitutaki1,928 inhabitants18 km²
Atiu437 inhabitants27 km²
Mangaia499 inhabitants52 km²
Manihiki213 inhabitants5 km²
Manuae0 inhabitants6 km²
Mauke297 inhabitants18 km²
Mitiaro155 inhabitants22 km²
Nassau78 inhabitants1 km²
Palmerston58 inhabitants2 km²
Penrhyn226 inhabitants10 km²
Pukapuka444 inhabitants1 km²
Rakahanga80 inhabitants4 km²
Rarotonga13,044 inhabitants67 km²
Suwarrow0 inhabitants0 km²
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