Official nameUkraine
Name in local languageУкраїна (Ukrayina) (uk)
SubcontinentEurope (outside the European Union)
Population (ranking: 35e)41,167,336 inhabitants (2022)
Population growth-1.02 % / year
Area576,468 km²
Density71.41 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 59e)155.499 billions $USD (2020)
GDP/capita (ranking)3,725 $USD (2020)
GDP growth-4.00 % / year (2020)
Life expectancy (ranking)72.00 years (2018)
Birth rate7.80 ‰ (2020)
Fertility rate1.51 children / woman (2014)
Death rate (ranking)15.90 ‰ (2020)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)7.90 ‰ (2015)
Literacy rate99.76 % (2015)
Official languagesUkrainian
CurrencyUkrainian hryvnia (₴ UAH)
HDI (ranking: 101e)0.779 / 1 (2019)
EPI (ranking)52.87 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
Head of StatePresident Volodymyr Zelensky
National Day24 August (declaration of independence of 1991)
Tourists (ranking)14,207,000 people (2018)
Ukraine – petite
A country divided in two

Ukraine is a state of Eastern Europe, the second largest in Europe after the European part of Russia (which includes 4 320 025 km2) and before France. Ukraine is bordered by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov to the south, Russia to the north and east, Belorussia to the north, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west and Romania and the Moldova to the southwest.

Kiev, capitale de l'Ukraine
Kiev, capital city of Ukraine
Ukraine - élections législatives (2012)
Ukraine – Legislative elections results (2012)

For practical reasons, we removed the Crimea from the statistics of Ukraine, and added it to those of Russia. Crimea is de facto under the control (military and administrative) of Russia.

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Urban areas (2017)
Urban areasPopulation
Kiev4,660,231 inhabitants
Kharkiv (Kharkov)1,732,432 inhabitants
Donetsk1,623,194 inhabitants
Dnipro (Dniepropetrovsk)1,460,195 inhabitants
Odessa1,008,852 inhabitants
Zaporijia (Zaporojié)812,472 inhabitants
Kryvy Rih805,303 inhabitants
Lviv (Lvov)728,350 inhabitants
Kramatorsk620,299 inhabitants
Kadïvka (Stakhanov)550,373 inhabitants
Louhansk543,269 inhabitants
Horlivka502,392 inhabitants
Mykolaïv (Nikolaïev)492,775 inhabitants
Marioupol453,623 inhabitants
Vinnytsia (Vinnitsa)452,474 inhabitants
Krementchouk450,451 inhabitants
Kherson294,941 inhabitants
Tchernihiv293,969 inhabitants
Poltava293,302 inhabitants
Tcherkassy283,356 inhabitants
Khmelnytsky269,308 inhabitants
Sievierodonetsk - Lyssytchansk268,252 inhabitants
Soumy267,633 inhabitants
Jytomyr267,610 inhabitants
Tchernivtsi266,550 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Cherkasy1,231,207 inhabitants20,900 km²
Chernihiv1,033,412 inhabitants31,865 km²
Chernivtsi908,120 inhabitants8,097 km²
Dnipropetrovsk3,230,411 inhabitants31,914 km²
Donetsk4,244,057 inhabitants26,517 km²
Ivano-Frankivsk1,379,915 inhabitants13,928 km²
Kharkiv2,701,188 inhabitants31,415 km²
Kherson1,055,649 inhabitants28,461 km²
Khmelnytskyi1,285,267 inhabitants20,645 km²
Kiev (Oblast)1,734,471 inhabitants28,131 km²
Kiev (City)2,925,760 inhabitants839 km²
Kirovohrad965,756 inhabitants24,588 km²
Luhansk2,195,290 inhabitants26,684 km²
Lviv2,534,027 inhabitants21,833 km²
Mykolaiv1,150,126 inhabitants24,598 km²
Odessa2,386,516 inhabitants33,310 km²
Poltava1,426,828 inhabitants28,748 km²
Rivne1,162,763 inhabitants20,047 km²
Sumy1,104,529 inhabitants23,834 km²
Ternopil1,059,192 inhabitants13,823 km²
Vinnytsia1,590,357 inhabitants26,513 km²
Volyn1,040,954 inhabitants20,144 km²
Zakarpattia1,258,777 inhabitants12,777 km²
Zaporizhia173,948 inhabitants27,180 km²
Zhytomyr1,240,482 inhabitants29,832 km²
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