Isle of Man

Official nameIsle of Man
Name in local languageEllan Vannin (gv) ; Isle of Man (en)
SubcontinentEurope (outside the European Union)
Population (ranking: 213e)82,619 inhabitants (2019)
Population growth-0.28 % / year
Area579 km²
Density142.69 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 161e)6.593 billions $USD (2016)
GDP/capita (ranking)79,156 $USD (2016)
GDP growth7.40 % / year (2016)
Life expectancy (ranking)81.20 years (2016)
Birth rate10.96 ‰ (2016)
Fertility rate1.93 children / woman (2016)
Death rate (ranking)10.10 ‰ (2016)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)4.10 ‰ (2016)
Literacy rate100.00 % (2019)
Official languagesEnglish (de facto) ; Manx (traditional)
CurrencyManx pound (£ IMP); Pound sterling (£ GBP)
HDI (ranking: 59e)0.849 / 1 (2010)
EPI (ranking)0.00 (2018)
GovernmentBritish Crown dependency
Head of StateLord of Mann Elizabeth II ; Lieutenant governor Sir Richard Gozney
National Day5 July (Tynwald since 979)
Tourists (ranking)292,331 people (2016)
Man – petite

The Isle of Man is located in the Irish Sea, in the center of the British Isles, equidistant from the coasts of Ireland, England and Scotland. It is a territory formed of a main island and some islets.

Douglas, Man
Douglas, Man. Photo: Jim Linwood
Tour du Refuge, Douglas, Man
Tower of Refuge, Douglas, Man. Photo: Malost
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Urban areas (2016)
Urban areasPopulation
Douglas39,746 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Ayre3,055 inhabitants115 km²
Garff12,085 inhabitants76 km²
Glenfaba7,916 inhabitants89 km²
Michael3,399 inhabitants81 km²
Middle42,692 inhabitants121 km²
Rushen14,167 inhabitants96 km²
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