United States

Official nameUnited States of America
Name in local languageUnited States of America (en)
SubcontinentNorth America
Population (ranking: 3e)330,252,859 inhabitants (2020)
Population growth0.50 % / year
Area9,629,047 km²
Density34.30 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 1er)20,494.100 billions $USD (2018)
GDP/capita (ranking)62,641 $USD (2018)
GDP growth2.90 % / year (2018)
Life expectancy (ranking)78.90 years (2018)
Birth rate12.50 ‰ (2014)
Fertility rate1.76 children / woman (2017)
Death rate (ranking)8.10 ‰ (2014)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)5.60 ‰ (2015)
Literacy rate99.00 % (2013)
Official languagesEnglish de facto
CurrencyUnited States Dollar ($ USD)
HDI (ranking: 25e)0.920 / 1 (2018)
EPI (ranking)71.19 (2018)
GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
Head of StatePresident Donald Trump
National DayJuly 4 (independence)
Tourists (ranking)75,868,000 people (2016)
États-Unis – petite

The United States of America (USA) is one of the largest and third most populous countries in the world. Located in North America, the United States (short form) is a federal constitutional republic consisting of 50 states and one district (for the capital city of Washington). The country is bordered to the north by Canada, and to the south by Mexico.

États-Unis - Monument Valley
Monument Valley, Arizona, USA. Photo: Huebi
États-Unis - Los Angeles
Los Angeles downtown, California, USA. Photo: Nserrano

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Urban areas (2018)
Urban areasPopulation
New York23,522,861 inhabitants
Los Angeles18,764,814 inhabitants
Chicago9,866,910 inhabitants
Washington - Baltimore9,797,063 inhabitants
San Francisco - San Jose8,841,475 inhabitants
Boston8,285,407 inhabitants
Dallas - Fort Worth7,994,303 inhabitants
Philadelphia7,204,035 inhabitants
Houston7,197,883 inhabitants
Miami6,879,772 inhabitants
Atlanta6,630,231 inhabitants
Detroit - Windsor5,682,146 inhabitants
San Diego - Tijuana5,224,132 inhabitants
Phoenix4,857,962 inhabitants
Seattle4,853,364 inhabitants
Minneapolis3,977,790 inhabitants
Denver3,572,798 inhabitants
Cleveland3,483,297 inhabitants
Orlando3,361,321 inhabitants
Portland OR3,239,335 inhabitants
Tampa - St. Petersburg3,142,663 inhabitants
St. Louis2,909,777 inhabitants
Brownsville - McAllen - Matamoros - Reynosa2,784,346 inhabitants
Charlotte2,728,933 inhabitants
Sacramento2,619,754 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Alabama4,903,185 inhabitants135,765 km²
Alaska731,545 inhabitants1,717,854 km²
Arizona7,278,717 inhabitants295,254 km²
Arkansas3,017,804 inhabitants137,732 km²
California39,512,223 inhabitants423,970 km²
Colorado5,758,736 inhabitants269,837 km²
Connecticut3,565,287 inhabitants14,371 km²
Delaware973,764 inhabitants6,542 km²
District of Columbia (D.C.) (Federal District)705,749 inhabitants177 km²
Florida21,477,737 inhabitants170,451 km²
Georgia10,617,423 inhabitants154,077 km²
Hawaii1,415,872 inhabitants28,337 km²
Idaho1,787,065 inhabitants216,632 km²
Illinois12,671,821 inhabitants149,997 km²
Indiana6,732,219 inhabitants94,321 km²
Iowa3,155,070 inhabitants145,543 km²
Kansas2,913,314 inhabitants213,283 km²
Kentucky4,467,673 inhabitants104,749 km²
Louisiana4,648,794 inhabitants135,382 km²
Maine1,344,212 inhabitants86,542 km²
Maryland6,045,680 inhabitants32,160 km²
Massachusetts6,892,503 inhabitants27,360 km²
Michigan9,986,857 inhabitants250,941 km²
Minnesota5,639,632 inhabitants225,365 km²
Mississippi2,976,149 inhabitants125,546 km²
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