Puerto Rico

Official nameCommonwealth of Puerto Rico
Name in local languageEstado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico (es) ; Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (en)
Population (ranking: 139e)3,193,694 inhabitants (2019)
Population growth-0.01 % / year
Area9,104 km²
Density350.80 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 66e)104.989 billions $USD (2019)
GDP/capita (ranking)32,874 $USD (2019)
GDP growth1.20 % / year (2019)
Life expectancy (ranking)79.38 years (2014)
Birth rate9.70 ‰ (2014)
Fertility rate1.47 children / woman (2014)
Death rate (ranking)8.30 ‰ (2014)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)8.07 ‰ (2011)
Literacy rate99.06 % (2015)
Official languagesSpanish, English
CurrencyDollar ($ USD)
HDI (ranking: 63e)0.845 / 1 (2015)
EPI (ranking)0.00 (2018)
GovernmentCommonwealth (Free Associated State of Puerto Rico)
Head of StatePresident Joe Biden ; Governor Pedro Pierluisi
National Day4 July (independence of 1776)
DemonymPuerto Rican
Tourists (ranking)3,068,000 people (2018)
Porto Rico – petite
Independence in sight

Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States with free status associated with the United States. Located in the Greater Antilles, the island is bathed in the north by the Atlantic Ocean and south by the Caribbean Sea. The territory consists of the island of Puerto Rico itself, and several smaller islands, including Vieques, Culebra and Isla Mona.

Porto Rico - radiotélescope d'Arecibo
Radiotelescope of Arecibo (destroyed in 2020), Puerto Rico. Photo: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Plage à Porto Rico
Beach in Puerto Rico
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Urban areas (2019)
Urban areasPopulation
San Juan2,297,875 inhabitants
Ponce360,670 inhabitants
Aguadilla289,289 inhabitants
Mayagüez216,439 inhabitants
Arecibo174,606 inhabitants
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