Official nameRepublic of Colombia
Name in local languageRepública de Colombia (es)
SubcontinentSouth America
Population (ranking: 28e)51,609,474 inhabitants (2022)
Population growth1.10 % / year
Area1,141,748 km²
Density45.20 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 44e)271.438 billions $USD (2020)
GDP/capita (ranking)5,335 $USD (2020)
GDP growth-6.80 % / year (2020)
Life expectancy (ranking)76.89 years (2022)
Birth rate14.76 ‰ (2022)
Fertility rate1.85 children / woman (2022)
Death rate (ranking)6.28 ‰ (2022)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)16.30 ‰ (2022)
Literacy rate98.66 % (2016)
Official languagesSpanish
CurrencyPeso ($ COP)
HDI (ranking: 106e)0.767 / 1 (2019)
EPI (ranking)65.22 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary presidential constitutional republic
Head of StatePresident Gustavo Petro
National Day20 July (independence of 1810)
Tourists (ranking)3,898,000 people (2018)
Colombia – small

Colombia is a country in northwestern South America. It is bordered to the west by the Pacific Ocean, to the north-west by Panama, to the north by the Caribbean Sea, to the east by Venezuela and Brazil, to the south by Ecuador and Peru.

Bogotá, capitale de la Colombie
Bogotá, capital city of Colombia. Photo: Omar Monroy
Bogotá, capitale de la Colombie, de nuit
Bogotá at night. Photo: Jorge Díaz
Pic Aguja, Parc national de la Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
Peak Aguja, Sierra Nevada del Cocuy National Park. Photo: Martin Roca
Johny Cay, Colombie
Johny Cay, Colombia. Photo: Mario Carvajal
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Urban areas (2018)
Urban areasPopulation
Bogotá10,985,285 inhabitants
Cali4,022,967 inhabitants
Medellín3,909,729 inhabitants
Barranquilla2,450,127 inhabitants
Cartagena (Cartagena de Indias)1,576,312 inhabitants
Bucaramanga1,150,993 inhabitants
Cúcuta1,082,632 inhabitants
Pereira920,784 inhabitants
Santa Marta706,836 inhabitants
Montería694,937 inhabitants
Ibagué633,134 inhabitants
Villavicencio629,029 inhabitants
Valledupar584,682 inhabitants
Manizales559,433 inhabitants
Armenia504,722 inhabitants
Neiva495,885 inhabitants
Bello482,287 inhabitants
Pasto (San Juan de Pasto)455,678 inhabitants
Popayán451,638 inhabitants
Buenaventura424,047 inhabitants
Sincelejo422,906 inhabitants
Ipiales - Tulcán (Ecuador)366,636 inhabitants
Rionegro362,778 inhabitants
Duitama-Sogamoso301,736 inhabitants
Riohacha286,973 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Amazonas82,068 inhabitants109,665 km²
Antioquia6,887,306 inhabitants62,869 km²
Arauca304,978 inhabitants23,818 km²
Atlántico2,804,025 inhabitants3,386 km²
Bogotá (District Capital (D.C.))7,901,653 inhabitants1,776 km²
Bolívar2,236,603 inhabitants25,978 km²
Boyacá1,259,601 inhabitants23,189 km²
Caldas1,036,455 inhabitants7,291 km²
Caquetá419,275 inhabitants88,965 km²
Casanare442,068 inhabitants44,490 km²
Cauca1,516,018 inhabitants29,308 km²
Cesar1,341,697 inhabitants22,905 km²
Chocó553,519 inhabitants46,530 km²
Córdoba1,856,496 inhabitants25,020 km²
Cundinamarca3,478,323 inhabitants23,960 km²
Guainía52,061 inhabitants72,238 km²
Guaviare90,357 inhabitants53,460 km²
Huila1,140,932 inhabitants19,890 km²
La Guajira1,002,394 inhabitants20,848 km²
Magdalena1,463,427 inhabitants23,188 km²
Meta1,080,706 inhabitants85,635 km²
Nariño1,629,181 inhabitants32,820 km²
Norte de Santander1,651,278 inhabitants21,648 km²
Putumayo369,064 inhabitants24,885 km²
Quindío569,569 inhabitants1,845 km²
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