One billion people in the Americas

New York - Lights of the Night
New York – Lights of the Night. Image : NASA

The American continent, which extends from Canada‘s Great North to the southernmost tip of Chile, now has more than one billion inhabitants. The Americas are a multiple continent, divided into several distinct parts, particularly between the highly developed and industrialized North, and the less developed but soon to be-developed South, as well as subregions such as the Caribbean and the Central America.

Cold and hot deserts, majestic mountains, immense plains, gigantic forests. It is a wild continent. But it is also one of the most urbanized, population concentration being made very late in human history.

There are several countries among the largest in the world, Canada, United States and Brazil in mind. Some of them are also very populous, and exceed 100 million inhabitants, such as the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Population growth has slowed markedly in recent decades, but the Americas continue to gain population at a good pace. The North is aging rapidly, yet it receives many migrants who have come to seek a better life despite the difficulties and obstacles sometimes encountered between countries. The South is still young, but it is aging too slowly and surely.

The tremendous human progress achieved since the mid-20th century has yet to be confirmed and even improved for the well-being of the populations. And serious development problems must be punctually opposed, as in Haiti, the poorest country on the continent.

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