Official nameUnited Republic of Tanzania
Name in local languageJamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania (sw)
SubcontinentEast Africa
Population (ranking: 24e)59,441,988 inhabitants (2021)
Population growth3.13 % / year
Area945,088 km²
Density62.90 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 78e)63.177 billions $USD (2019)
GDP/capita (ranking)1,122 $USD (2019)
GDP growth5.80 % / year (2019)
Life expectancy (ranking)66.70 years (2021)
Birth rate36.00 ‰ (2021)
Fertility rate4.91 children / woman (2021)
Death rate (ranking)5.90 ‰ (2021)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)27.70 ‰ (2021)
Literacy rate87.31 % (2015)
Official languagesNone. Kiswahili (swahili) and English de facto
CurrencyTanzanian shilling (TZS)
HDI (ranking: 198e)0.529 / 1 (2019)
EPI (ranking)50.83 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
Head of StatePresident Samia Suluhu
National Day26 April (Tanganyika and Zanzibar merger in 1964)
Tourists (ranking)1,275,000 people (2017)
Tanzanie – petite

Tanzania is a country in East Africa bordering the Indian Ocean. It is bordered to the north by Kenya and Uganda, to the west by Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the southwest by Zambia and Malawi and to the south by Mozambique.

Tanzanie - mont Lengai
Mount Lengai, Tanzania. Photo: Clem23, Wikipedia
Kilimandjaro, Tanzanie
Kilimanjaro, highest summit in Tanzania and Africa (5,892 meters)
Dar es Salam, Tanzanie
Dar es Salam, economic capital of Tanzania
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Urban areas (2016)
Urban areasPopulation
Dar es Salam5,572,776 inhabitants
Mwanza830,342 inhabitants
Zanzibar796,903 inhabitants
Dodoma571,629 inhabitants
Arusha466,892 inhabitants
Mbeya445,544 inhabitants
Morogoro359,670 inhabitants
Tanga286,690 inhabitants
Kigoma252,055 inhabitants
Moshi203,424 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Arusha1,694,310 inhabitants37,576 km²
Dar es Salam4,364,541 inhabitants1,393 km²
Dodoma2,083,588 inhabitants41,311 km²
Geita1,739,530 inhabitants20,054 km²
Iringa941,238 inhabitants35,503 km²
Kagera2,458,023 inhabitants25,265 km²
Katavi564,604 inhabitants45,843 km²
Kigoma2,127,930 inhabitants37,040 km²
Kilimandjaro1,640,087 inhabitants13,250 km²
Lindi864,652 inhabitants66,040 km²
Manyara1,425,131 inhabitants44,522 km²
Mara1,743,830 inhabitants21,760 km²
Mbeya2,707,410 inhabitants60,350 km²
Morogoro2,218,492 inhabitants70,624 km²
Mtwara1,270,854 inhabitants16,710 km²
Mwanza2,772,509 inhabitants9,467 km²
Njombe702,097 inhabitants21,347 km²
Pemba Nord211,732 inhabitants574 km²
Pemba Sud195,116 inhabitants332 km²
Pwani1,098,668 inhabitants32,547 km²
Rukwa1,004,539 inhabitants22,792 km²
Ruvuma1,376,891 inhabitants63,669 km²
Shinyanga1,534,808 inhabitants18,901 km²
Simiyu1,584,157 inhabitants25,212 km²
Singida1,370,637 inhabitants49,340 km²
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