Official nameRepublic of Uzbekistan
Name in local languageOʻzbekiston Respublikasi (uz) ; Республика Узбекистан (ru)
SubcontinentCentral Asia
Population (ranking: 45e)32,653,885 inhabitants (2018)
Population growth1.70 % / year
Area448,970 km²
Density72.73 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 88e)50.500 billions $USD (2018)
GDP/capita (ranking)1,532 $USD (2018)
GDP growth5.10 % / year (2018)
Life expectancy (ranking)71.60 years (2018)
Birth rate22.80 ‰ (2016)
Fertility rate2.46 children / woman (2016)
Death rate (ranking)4.90 ‰ (2016)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)10.70 ‰ (2016)
Literacy rate100.00 % (2018)
Official languagesUzbek
CurrencyUzbekistani soʻm (UZS)
HDI (ranking: 144e)0.710 / 1 (2018)
EPI (ranking)45.88 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary presidential constitutional republic (dictatorship de facto)
Head of StatePresident Shavkat Mirziyoyev
National Day31 August (independence of 1991)
Tourists (ranking)2,157,700 people (2016)
Ouzbékistan – petite
Huge resources that do not benefit the population

Uzbekistan is a state of Central Asia, former Soviet republic of the USSR, independent since 31 August 1991. It shares borders with Kazakhstan to the north and west, Kyrgyzstan to the east, Tajikistan to the east and south, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the south.

Le Régistan et ses trois Médersas, vieille ville de Samarcande, Ouzbékistan
The Registan and its three Medersas, old town of Samarkand, Uzbekistan. Photo: Ekrem Canli
Cimetière de bateaux, mer d'Aral
Boats Cemetery, Aral Sea. Photo: Zhanat Kulenov
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Urban areas (2016)
Urban areasPopulation
Tachkent3,423,283 inhabitants
Namangan760,331 inhabitants
Samarcande698,729 inhabitants
Andijan650,002 inhabitants
Ferghana - Marguilan613,684 inhabitants
Karchi272,740 inhabitants
Boukhara268,195 inhabitants
Noukous267,515 inhabitants
Kokand240,114 inhabitants
Navoï174,632 inhabitants
Djizak172,947 inhabitants
Termez168,894 inhabitants
Ourguentch163,414 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Provinces (viloyat)PopulationArea
Andijan2,910,500 inhabitants4,300 km²
Boukhara1,815,200 inhabitants40,320 km²
Djizak1,276,100 inhabitants21,400 km²
Ferghana3,505,300 inhabitants6,760 km²
Kachkadaria3,025,600 inhabitants28,600 km²
Karakalpakistan (République)1,791,100 inhabitants166,600 km²
Khorezm1,746,900 inhabitants6,050 km²
Namangan2,603,400 inhabitants7,440 km²
Navoï927,900 inhabitants110,990 km²
Samarcande3,583,900 inhabitants16,770 km²
Sourkhan-Daria2,411,500 inhabitants20,100 km²
Syr-Daria790,600 inhabitants4,300 km²
Tachkent (Ville)2,393,200 inhabitants335 km²
Tachkent2,794,100 inhabitants15,600 km²
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