Official nameCommonwealth of The Bahamas
Name in local languageCommonwealth of the Bahamas (en)
Population (ranking: 182e)399,421 inhabitants (2018)
Population growth0.83 % / year
Area13,962 km²
Density28.61 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 146e)12.162 billions $USD (2017)
GDP/capita (ranking)31,858 $USD (2017)
GDP growth1.40 % / year (2017)
Life expectancy (ranking)73.80 years (2018)
Birth rate10.70 ‰ (2017)
Fertility rate1.42 children / woman (2017)
Death rate (ranking)6.30 ‰ (2017)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)17.20 ‰ (2017)
Literacy rate99.00 % (2016)
Official languagesEnglish (Creole widely spoken)
CurrencyBahamian dollar ($ BSD)
HDI (ranking: 85e)0.805 / 1 (2018)
EPI (ranking)54.99 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of StateQueen Elizabeth II ; Governor-General Cornelius A. Smith
National Day10 July (independence of 1973)
Tourists (ranking)6,135,839 people (2017)
Bahamas – petite

The Bahamas is a state located north of the Caribbean Sea. The archipelago occupies about 700 islands of Lucayes Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, east of Florida in the United States, north of Cuba and Haiti, and north-west of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Its capital is Nassau, located on the island of New Providence.

Bahamas - île
Island in the Bahamas
Bahamas - épave d'avion
Bahamas – Medellin cartel drug traffickers plane wreck. The plane crashed on November 15, 1980 near the island of Exumas. Photo: Bjorn Moerman
Bahamas - Andros : trou d'eau
Bahamas – Andros : water hole. Photo: Ty Sawyer
Nassau, capitale des Bahamas
Nassau, capitale of the Bahamas
Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Urban areas (2017)
Urban areasPopulation
Nassau288,978 inhabitants
Freeport59,642 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Abaco Centrale9,196 inhabitants670 km²
Abaco Nord9,578 inhabitants670 km²
Abaco Sud7,646 inhabitants669 km²
Acklins565 inhabitants389 km²
Andros Centrale7,386 inhabitants5,957 km²
Andros Nord3,898 inhabitants1,490 km²
Andros Sud3,592 inhabitants1,489 km²
Berry807 inhabitants78 km²
Bimini1,988 inhabitants23 km²
Black Point414 inhabitants10 km²
Cat1,522 inhabitants388 km²
Crooked330 inhabitants148 km²
Eleuthera Centrale2,608 inhabitants161 km²
Eleuthera Nord2,609 inhabitants162 km²
Eleuthera Sud2,608 inhabitants161 km²
Exumas6,928 inhabitants250 km²
Freeport45,945 inhabitants558 km²
Grand Bahama Est2,905 inhabitants408 km²
Grand Bahama Ouest2,906 inhabitants408 km²
Grand Cay383 inhabitants10 km²
Harbour1,762 inhabitants4 km²
Hope Town458 inhabitants10 km²
Inagua913 inhabitants1,679 km²
Long Island3,094 inhabitants596 km²
Mangrove Cay892 inhabitants1,489 km²
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