Official nameBelize
Name in local languageBelize (en)
SubcontinentCentral America
Population (ranking: 183e)398,050 inhabitants (2018)
Population growth2.62 % / year
Area22,966 km²
Density17.33 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 197e)1.925 billions $USD (2018)
GDP/capita (ranking)5,025 $USD (2018)
GDP growth3.00 % / year (2018)
Life expectancy (ranking)74.50 years (2018)
Birth rate24.30 ‰ (2016)
Fertility rate2.90 children / woman (2016)
Death rate (ranking)6.00 ‰ (2016)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)9.30 ‰ (2016)
Literacy rate88.61 % (2015)
Official languagesEnglish (Spanish and Criollo majority)
CurrencyBelize dollar ($ BZD)
HDI (ranking: 139e)0.720 / 1 (2018)
EPI (ranking)57.79 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Head of StateQueen Elizabeth II ; Governor-General Sir Colville Young
National Day21 September (independence of 1981)
Tourists (ranking)427,000 people (2017)
Belize – petite

Belize is a unitary constitutional monarchy located in Central America, southern Mexico and eastern Guatemala. The country is bordered by the Gulf of Honduras, which is part of the Gulf of Mexico.

Le Grand trou bleu, Belize
The Big Blue Hole, 123 metres deep, Belize
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Urban areas (2017)
Urban areasPopulation
Belize City62,517 inhabitants
Belmopan22,082 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Belize107,494 inhabitants4,307 km²
Cayo85,243 inhabitants5,196 km²
Corozal44,613 inhabitants1,860 km²
Orange Walk48,744 inhabitants4,636 km²
Stann Creek38,728 inhabitants2,554 km²
Toledo34,077 inhabitants4,413 km²
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