Official nameRepublic of Maldives
Name in local languageDhivehi Raa'jeyge Jumhooriyya (dv)
SubcontinentSouth Asia
Population (ranking: 177e)557,426 inhabitants (2020)
Population growth4.40 % / year
Area131 km²
Density4,255.16 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 171e)5.272 billions $USD (2018)
GDP/capita (ranking)10,224 $USD (2018)
GDP growth6.10 % / year (2018)
Life expectancy (ranking)78.60 years (2018)
Birth rate20.00 ‰ (2015)
Fertility rate2.46 children / woman (2014)
Death rate (ranking)3.00 ‰ (2015)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)9.00 ‰ (2015)
Literacy rate97.70 % (2014)
Official languagesDivehi (Maldivian)
CurrencyMaldivian rufiyaa (MVR)
HDI (ranking: 139e)0.719 / 1 (2018)
EPI (ranking)52.14 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
Head of StatePresident Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
National Day26 July (independence from UK in 1965)
Tourists (ranking)1,484,274 people (2018)
Maldives – petite
Fight against the rise of the sea

The Maldives is an archipelago made up of 1192 islands, of which only 187 are inhabited. The archipelago is located south of Lakshadweep territory, belonging to India, and north of the Chagos archipelago, which belongs to the United Kingdom. The total area of atolls, including waters, is about 115,300 km2, and the Maldives exclusive economic zone is about 859,000 km2.

Malé, capitale des Maldives
Malé, capitale of the Maldives. Photo: Shahee Ilyas
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Urban areas (2017)
Urban areasPopulation
Malé169,058 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Atolls, CitiesPopulationArea
Addu (Ville)21,275 inhabitants15 km²
Alif Alif (Atoll)6,475 inhabitants3 km²
Alif Dhaal (Atoll)9,086 inhabitants3 km²
Baa (Atoll)9,601 inhabitants6 km²
Dhaalu (Atoll)5,786 inhabitants4 km²
Faafu (Atoll)4,365 inhabitants2 km²
Gaafu Alif (Atoll)9,221 inhabitants5 km²
Gaafu Dhaalu (Atoll)12,690 inhabitants7 km²
Gnaviyani (Atoll)8,510 inhabitants5 km²
Haa Alifu (Atoll)13,672 inhabitants14 km²
Haa Dhaalu (Atoll)19,541 inhabitants18 km²
Kaafu (Atoll)14,092 inhabitants5 km²
Kolhumadulu (Atoll)9,656 inhabitants1 km²
Laamu (Atoll)12,676 inhabitants23 km²
Lhaviyani (Atoll)8,380 inhabitants7 km²
Malé (Ville)153,904 inhabitants6 km²
Meemu (Atoll)5,022 inhabitants4 km²
Noonu (Atoll)11,229 inhabitants9 km²
Raa (Atoll)15,819 inhabitants6 km²
Shaviyani (Atoll)12,636 inhabitants9 km²
Vaavu (Atoll)1,811 inhabitants1 km²
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