38 million people in Canada

Canada – evolution of the population (2011-2016)
Canada – map of the evolution of the population between the two last censuses (2011-2016)

With 37,980,511 inhabitants as of March 20 and annual growth that increases to +1.56% in 2019 (compared to +1.42% in 2018), Canada sees its population grow faster and faster, and will soon pass the mark of 38 million. A very relative figure given the vastness of the country, of which only the southern regions are truly populated. In fact, there are less than 4 inhabitants per km2 in Canada, a country larger than Europe.

This growth is mainly due to the significant increase in immigration, the birth rate remaining relatively low. The country is aging slowly despite everything, like most developed countries.

The major Canadian cities are continuing their momentum, and monopolizing most of this demographic growth, also linked to the very good performance of the country’s economy in general, which logically attracts migrants from all over the world. At least until the appearance of COVID-19, which we do not yet know what the consequences will be in the medium term.

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