Official nameLebanese Republic
Name in local languageالجمهوريّة اللبنانيّة (ar) - Al Jumhuriya Al Lubnaniya
SubcontinentWestern Asia
Population (ranking: 112e)6,629,166 inhabitants (2018)
Population growth4.25 % / year
Area10,389 km²
Density638.09 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: 84e)56.639 billions $USD (2018)
GDP/capita (ranking)8,270 $USD (2018)
GDP growth0.20 % / year (2018)
Life expectancy (ranking)78.90 years (2018)
Birth rate15.19 ‰ (2014)
Fertility rate1.71 children / woman (2014)
Death rate (ranking)4.56 ‰ (2014)
Infant mortality rate (ranking)7.10 ‰ (2015)
Literacy rate99.10 % (2015)
Official languagesArabic (French spoken)
CurrencyLebanese pound (LBP)
HDI (ranking: 128e)0.730 / 1 (2018)
EPI (ranking)61.08 (2018)
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary multi-confessionalist republic
Head of StatePresident Michel Aoun
National Day22 November (independence of 1943)
Tourists (ranking)1,857,000 people (2017)
Liban – petite
Population explosion due to refugees

Lebanon is a state of the Middle East, which shares its borders with Syria to the north and east, and Israel to the south. It is bordered to the west by the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital is Beirut, the main urban area of the country. Lebanon is divided into eight governorates.

Temple de Jupiter, Baalbek, Liban
Temple of Jupiter, Baalbek, Lebanon. Photo: Guillaume Piolle
Beyrouth, capitale du Liban
Beirut, capital of Lebanon. Photo: Wikipedia
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Urban areas (2017)
Urban areasPopulation
Beirut2,916,776 inhabitants
Tripoli849,918 inhabitants
Sidon265,934 inhabitants
Zahlé201,776 inhabitants
Tyr174,606 inhabitants
Baalbek104,863 inhabitants
Nabatieh104,098 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Governorates (Mohafazat)PopulationArea
Akkar330,000 inhabitants776 km²
Baalbek-Hermel381,000 inhabitants3,009 km²
Bekaa274,500 inhabitants1,433 km²
Beyrouth373,198 inhabitants20 km²
Mont-Liban2,543,578 inhabitants1,939 km²
Nabatieh377,840 inhabitants1,058 km²
Nord807,204 inhabitants1,220 km²
Sud407,130 inhabitants934 km²
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