78 million more people in 2017

Kids in school
kids school. Photo: Natasha Graham, GPE

Despite the global aging and the relative slowdown in population growth, humanity has added 78,521,283 people in 2017. This represents a growth of + 1.07% over one year.

Africa and Asia are the fastest growing regions, while Europe is aging and some countries are moving backward. An ever greater challenge for the world, with on the one hand increasing needs for young people, health, education, jobs to be filled in large numbers, often where the means are the most limited. And on the other, as in Japan or Italy, an increase in the needs of the elderly, and more and more abandoned homes, creating regions and villages emptied of their inhabitants.

This Tuesday, January 9, the count is 7,525,702,309 inhabitants on Earth. Click here to see the live evolution of the world’s population.

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