Caribbean Netherlands

Official nameCaribbean Netherlands BES Islands
Name in local languageCaribisch Nederland BES-eilanden (nl)
Population (ranking: 233e)24,548 inhabitants (2016)
Population growth-0.18 % / year
Area322 km²
Density76.24 inhabitants / km²
GDP (ranking: n.c.)0.000 billions $USD
GDP/capita (ranking)0 $USD
GDP growth0.00 % / year
Life expectancy (ranking)0.00 years
Birth rate0.00 ‰
Fertility rate0.00 children / woman
Death rate (ranking)0.00 ‰
Infant mortality rate (ranking)0.00 ‰
Literacy rate0.00 %
Official languagesDutch, Papiamentu, English
CurrencyUnited States dollar ($ USD)
HDI (ranking: n.c.)0.000 / 1
EPI (ranking)0.00
GovernmentOverseas region of the Netherlands, Special municipalities
Head of StateKing Willem-Alexander
National Day
Caribbean Netherlands

The Caribbean Netherlands is the name given to the former grouping of the Dutch islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (hence the acronym BES islands). Since 10 October 2010, after the dissolution of the State of the Netherlands Antilles, the three islands have reinstated the State of the Netherlands as a public entity with a special status as a municipality.
The other Dutch islands in the West Indies have become autonomous states: Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Aruba.

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Urban areas
Urban areasPopulation
Kralendijk19,408 inhabitants
Oranjestad3,193 inhabitants
The Bottom1,947 inhabitants
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Administrative divisions
Bonaire19,408 inhabitants288 km²
Saba1,947 inhabitants13 km²
Saint-Eustache3,193 inhabitants21 km²
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